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Black Diamond Storm

Redesigned with an unprecedented 250 lumens of power, a weatherproof construction and a full feature set, the Black Diamond Storm headlamp is our premier light for climbing, skiing and other outdoor pursuits where bright, compact illumination is paramount. The Storm’s customized housing is… [more]

Atlas Snowshoes Elektra 10 Series - Women's

Discover winter in the mountains with the rugged, Elektra 10 Series women's snowshoe and Spring-Loaded™ Suspension. When the terrain gets more demanding, the 10 Series delivers with a climbing bar to ease calf strain and SLS for classic Atlas maneuverability and articulation. The addition of the… [more]

Werner Carve 2 Piece Adjustable

The Carve M mid-sized blade will fit the widest range of paddler. The S blade is preferred by smaller paddlers or for those wanting less resistance. It offers the perfect combination of light weight and durability and is ideal for all types of stand-up paddling. [more]

Rab Women's Ascent 500

The Women's Ascent 500 is a mid-weight, down-filled sleeping bag, designed specifically for regular outdoor use, ideal for those buying their first down sleeping bag. Comfort 1°C 34°F Limit -4.5°C 24°F Extreme -22°C -8°F [more]

Sea To Summit Trek 650+ Ultra Dry
$269.00 - $339.00
$319.00 - $399.00

The classic tapered rectangular sleeping bag - redefined! Incorporating our 2D PermaShell™ fabric and a premium 650 loft down, the Trek bags are a refined classic. The 60/40 fill ratio in the Trek bags is maintained using a side block baffle and differential cut shell. In the top of the shell a 3D… [more]

Hobie Kona 11'6 Tandem

The Kona is the ideal two-person paddle kayak. The Hobie Kona is a round peg that fits many different holes: in two-person configuration, it provides a stable ride and snappy, spin-in-a-second performance; when paddling alone, the boat’s molded center seat keeps the boat sitting on her lines. The… [more]

Starboard 2016 Astro Inflatable Blend 11'2 x 32"
$935.00 - $1,309.00
$1,380.00 - $1,930.00

Superior glide for an all round shape yet has a comfortable 32” width for the extra stability. One of the best selling shapes for cruising suited to heavier riders up to 120kg. Now available in the most robust and durable Club Technology for maximum strength and resistance, a perfect option for… [more]

Starboard 2016 Astro Inflatable Drive 10'5" x 30"

A long time favourite for flat water cruising and entry into small fun waves. Its narrow width offers efficient glide on flat water and improved tracking from holding the paddle straighter to the board. 10’5” length increases the maneuverability to explore narrower waterways, as well as having more… [more]

Starboard 2016 Astro Inflatable Whopper 10 x 35
$935.00 - $1,152.80
$1,380.00 - $1,800.00

Shorter length increases the maneuverability, making it an easy board to turn, whilst maintaining good glide for flat-water paddling. The 35” width means it is an incredibly stable board that is great for surfing, stretching, fitness, yoga and river. Available in Deluxe, Zen and now in new Club… [more]

Starboard 2016 Blend 11'2 x 30 - 2015/2016
$1,028.50 - $1,031.80
$1,520.00 - $1,800.00

• 11’2” length combines glide and maneuverability. • 30” width is stable for riders up to 95kg and increases tracking due to a straighter paddle technique. • Great for flat-water cruising and long board style performance in the surf. • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric, Starshot, ASAP… [more]

Starboard 2016 Elite Touring 12'6" x 30"
$1,152.80 - $2,592.70
$1,539.00 - $3,464.00

Multifunctional for cruising over distance, super fast yet incredibly stable. Equipped with two bungee tie-downs to carry extra gear and four FCS inserts for installing camera. The wider 12’6” x 31.5” Elite Touring is more stable for heavier riders up to 110kg or for carrying more supplies. The… [more]

Starboard 2016 Atlas 12'0 x 33"

• One of our best selling boards due to its versatility for many riders and conditions. • The 33” width offers a stable platform for entry-level paddlers up to 115kg. • 12’0” length is the longest in the all round range and has the fastest glide. • Available in Starshot, ASAP and Inflatable… [more]

Hobie Mirage Revolution 11'6

With the MirageDrive with Glide Technology powering the way, the “Revo 11” is a lightweight galloper that slides easily through wind and waves. Ideal for small-to- midsize kayakers, or bigger kayakers out for an unencumbered cruise, the Revolution 11 allows you to adroitly stalk fish and… [more]

Hobie Mirage Outfitter 12"8

Fun alone and even more fun with a friend, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter is the ideal all-day boat. The design brief was simple: create an easy-to-use, performance-minded, rotomolded polyethylene kayak that provides years of reliable service. Built-in drink holders and utility trays, dual helms and… [more]

14 Results
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