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Featured Products at Queen Street Shop

29 Results
Radical Edge Gift Card
$25.00 - $1,000.00

Radical Edge gift cards available in any amount. Valid at both locations and never expires! [more]

Perception Sport Rambler 9.5

This playful sit-on-top is easy to paddle for fun seekers of all ages and skill levels in lakes, ocean bays, light surf or even slow rivers. Light and easy to manage, the Rambler is still packed with features. The center console is perfect for fishing accessories; a roomy tankwell holds plenty of… [more]

Perception Sport Conduit 9.5

With performance perfect for fun-loving first timers, the smallest kayak in the Conduit family is also the most nimble. With its unique design, it still cuts through water and tracks very well, giving it exceptional acceleration and speed for its size. With plenty of knee room, it's a comfortable… [more]

Perception Sport Sound 9.5

The Sounds unique "Stabilizer Hull" is designed to enhance tracking and make this boat very stable, especially while getting in or out of the boat. It has a large cockpit opening providing plenty of room to maneuver and access your gear. The Sound also has a molded-in tray in the cockpit to keep… [more]

Imagine Fit SUP

The Fit is the ultimate fitness and touring machine. The uncluttered standing area allows the Fit to be super-versatile for racing, touring, or recreational use. The plum bow and efficient hull design slice through the water, giving the Fit excellent glide. Full deck EVA pad, front deck bungee,… [more]

Imagine Surfer SUP

Wide, stable and easy, it will get you out on the water and feeling comfortable faster than any other board. The Ultimate do anything board - lakes, rivers, oceans - the Surfer is at home in all waters. Made from blow molded polyethylene, this is one tough and durable board. Lend it to a friend or… [more]

Perception Sport Conduit 12.0

The Conduit 12.0 provides more stability, straighter tracking, and increased speed. In addition, the added stern hatch/ bulkhead plus additional storage capacity brings with it the opportunity for even longer day or weekend trips if desired. [more]

Perception Sport Conduit 13.0

Freedom means plenty of room for comfort and performance to go where you want. The Conduit 13 is a paddler-friendly and non-restrictive kayak with enough stability for beginners to feel confident on a leisurely cruise, but features speed and tracking loved by those wanting longer paddles. A great… [more]

Hobie Kona 11'6 Tandem

The Kona is the ideal two-person paddle kayak. The Hobie Kona is a round peg that fits many different holes: in two-person configuration, it provides a stable ride and snappy, spin-in-a-second performance; when paddling alone, the boat’s molded center seat keeps the boat sitting on her lines. The… [more]

Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 / 105

Great on flat or slow moving water, the versatile Aspire combines easy handling and manoeuvrability with great stability, thanks to its strong chine lines and volume. The up-swept bow helps shed water and the molded-in console, with a two-position bottle holder, offers plenty of storage options to… [more]

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120

The best-selling Pungo features an impressive balance of manageability, stability, speed, and comfort. Ample storage capacity, yet light enough to handle with ease. [more]

Wilderness Systems Ride 115

It's big-time stability and versatility in a small-time kayak. This new addition to the redesigned Ride series has everything paddlers, anglers and hobbyists ask for in a SOT. Massive capacity, straightforward storage, versatile performance, rigability and rock-solid stability. At under 12-feet,… [more]

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T
$1,189.00 - $1,449.00

This best-selling tandem offers performance for pairs. The tandem outfitting system offers upgraded seating and adjustability options for more comfort and customization than ever before! [more]

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

When the adventure calls for more, this kayak answers. Get the added speed and storage of a touring kayak, but with a spacious cockpit. Ideal for larger paddlers. The Pungo 140 handles well across lakes, wide rivers and protected coastal spots as well. Available in multiple colours, call the shop… [more]

Wilderness Systems Focus 150 w/Rudder

The all new Focus delivers the kind of high performance versatility you've been asking for: blending the stability and predictability of the Tsunami with the speed and efficiency of the Tempest. Introducing the Focus, an advance in touring design that caters to the more "assertive" intermediate… [more]

Starboard 2016 Astro Inflatable Blend 11'2 x 32"
$1,380.00 - $1,930.00

Superior glide for an all round shape yet has a comfortable 32” width for the extra stability. One of the best selling shapes for cruising suited to heavier riders up to 120kg. Now available in the most robust and durable Club Technology for maximum strength and resistance, a perfect option for… [more]

Starboard 2016 Astro Inflatable Drive 10'5" x 30"

A long time favourite for flat water cruising and entry into small fun waves. Its narrow width offers efficient glide on flat water and improved tracking from holding the paddle straighter to the board. 10’5” length increases the maneuverability to explore narrower waterways, as well as having more… [more]

Starboard 2016 Astro Inflatable Whopper 10 x 35
$1,380.00 - $1,800.00

Shorter length increases the maneuverability, making it an easy board to turn, whilst maintaining good glide for flat-water paddling. The 35” width means it is an incredibly stable board that is great for surfing, stretching, fitness, yoga and river. Available in Deluxe, Zen and now in new Club… [more]

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135
$1,449.00 - $1,719.00

The lowered cockpit height and moderate length make this kayak an excellent performer, yet easy to manage. Ideal for female and small-framed paddlers. [more]

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140
$1,449.00 - $1,719.00

This wildly popular, versatile kayak offers a balanced fit in cockpit size and length. All skill levels can take advantage of stability and performance features. [more]

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145
$1,449.00 - $1,719.00

Ample cockpit size and length without losing performance make this the choice for larger paddlers desiring extra gear and storage capacity. [more]

Starboard 2016 Atlas 12'0 x 33"

• One of our best selling boards due to its versatility for many riders and conditions. • The 33” width offers a stable platform for entry-level paddlers up to 115kg. • 12’0” length is the longest in the all round range and has the fastest glide. • Available in Starshot, ASAP and Inflatable… [more]

Starboard 2016 Blend 11'2 x 30
$1,520.00 - $1,800.00

• 11’2” length combines glide and maneuverability. • 30” width is stable for riders up to 95kg and increases tracking due to a straighter paddle technique. • Great for flat-water cruising and long board style performance in the surf. • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric, Starshot, ASAP… [more]

Starboard 2016 Hero 9'0" x 33"

• Short length increases maneuverability for easier turning on the wave. • 33” width provides stability to support a rider up to 95kg. • Stable and reactive, save energy surfing instead of wasting it trying to balance in the surf. • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric and ASAP… [more]

Starboard 2016 Whopper 10'0 x 34"

10'0"X34" WHOPPER - Good Glide & Effortless Trim • 10’0” length maintains glide for cruising with effortless trim and dynamic turning abilities in the waves. • Incredibly stable for riders up to 110kg due to its 34” width. • One board that can be shared with all members of the family. • Available… [more]

Starboard 2015 Yoga Crossover Astro Deluxe

“Take the gym to the water!” At 11’2”x32” it is the perfect board to blend your yoga sessions with your fitness workouts. The Crossover has a narrower shape for the most efficient glide and speed when paddling. It is ideal for faster and higher intensity sprint paddling, while having comfortable… [more]

Hobie Mirage Revolution 13'5"

A cruiser capable of taking on boisterous water, the Revolution 13 is a smooth, stable kayak that feels like one—one oozing go-all-day creature comforts such as the Vantage CT seat. It is catchy too, with dual rod holders and plentiful tackle storage. If you crave a change of pace from hands-free… [more]

Hobie Mirage Revolution 11'6

With the MirageDrive with Glide Technology powering the way, the “Revo 11” is a lightweight galloper that slides easily through wind and waves. Ideal for small-to- midsize kayakers, or bigger kayakers out for an unencumbered cruise, the Revolution 11 allows you to adroitly stalk fish and… [more]

Hobie Mirage Outfitter 12"8

Fun alone and even more fun with a friend, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter is the ideal all-day boat. The design brief was simple: create an easy-to-use, performance-minded, rotomolded polyethylene kayak that provides years of reliable service. Built-in drink holders and utility trays, dual helms and… [more]

29 Results
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